The Art of Science is an annual colllaborative project which aims to unite two flourishing yet separate communities in Memphis--the arts and the sciences. The temporary use of scientific imagery is donated from volunteer research scientists at St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital. This imagery is reinterpreted by artists from Memphis and beyond, culminating in a group exhibition that is free, open to the public, and educational. Art of Science is now in its second year.

This year's installment of the Art of Science features art from: Alex Paulus, Andrew J. Breig, Anna Irace, Anthoney Carter, Alison Lawyer, Ashley Leem, April Pierce, Bill McKessy & William Van Justice, Christine Ruby, Christopher Reyes, Chuck Howard, Colin Kidder, Derrick Dent, Elisha Gold, Emily Holman, Eric Huber, Eszter Sziksz, Holly Cole, Howard Paine, Ian Lemmonds, Jason Miller, Jessica Lund, Katherine Whitfield, Katie Benjamin, Katie McWeeny, Kimberly Thomas, Lauren Rae Holtermann, Maggie Exner, Mary Long-Postal, Ross McLean, Stephanie Wallace & Susan Hendrix; AOS2012 also features science from Darcie Miller, Rebecca Smith, Michael Taylor, Catherine Sanders, Thoman OGuin, Suresh Marada, Nael Alami, Clair Kelley, James Cripps, David Solecki, Yiannis Drosos, Yelda Serinagaoglu, Rona Mogil, Adolfo R. Alfonso, Nicholas Van de Velde, Bryan S. Kaplan, Stacey Ogden, Brian Freibaum, Rachael Keating, Pradyot Dash, Frederique Zindy, Huiyuan Wu, Christine Oshansky-Weilnau, Chunliang Li, Anang Shalat, Bradley Waters, Amali Samarasinghe, Sook-San Wong, & Maureen McGargill.
The art is work made by local artists specifically for Art of Science, each piece inspired by a different scientific image and each artist guided by the scientist whose research it represents.
The scientific imagery that fuels Art of Science is provided by the respective research scientists and their laboratories within St. Jude. The scientists that participate in Art of Science do so as volunteers to the community.
The 2012 Art of Science exhibition
will be on display at the Hyde Gallery in Memphis College of Art's Nesin Graduate School at 477 S. Main St.

The show is free and open to the public.

Opening night is Friday, September 28th from 6-9pm.

The exhibition runs through October 26th, 2012.
AOS 2011 featured 22 artists, from Memphis and beyond, who work in mediums ranging from traditional painting, drawing and photography, to metalsmithing and moving sculpture, to interactive installation.
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